Defense Games – How To Play Cannon Island Like A Pro?

Cannon Island ranks as one of the top defense games. The game can be found on many mobile devices and personal computers but today, the game is immensely popular among online gamers. You can find several websites where this game is available for free of cost and there is no better way for you to kill your spare time than playing Cannon Island. The game is very interesting but lending some gaming strategies will help you to improve your gameplay significantly and challenge your friends.

You are going to operate your cannon with the mouse. Make sure that you’re always moving your cannon in a circular motion because when you reach higher levels, your enemies can attack you from any side and a circular motion will always help you to shoot every enemy you encounter.

Balloons come down slowly but missiles and fighter jets do not leave you with sufficient time to defend them from entering your Island. Whenever you see a missile or fighter jet coming on your way, start moving your cannon in a circular motion and maintain constant firing. Some of these bullets will kill balloons but the important part is that you can easily subdue quicker enemies. Once you gun down the missiles and fighter jets, get back to the balloons.

Keep an eye on the entire screen instead of focusing on the object you are attacking because you will not know from where your new enemy will be coming from and if you find them quite late, it’s not possible for you to attack your enemy and kill them. Chances are high that you will lose your control over your island.

To make yourself quite successful in Cannon Island, the most important attribute is patience and attention to detail because you will never know from where an enemy will be attacking you. Always moving a circular motion and keep on firing when you have too many enemies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re focusing properly or not, a couple of circular motions will eliminate all the balloons and the only exceptions are missiles which are very hard to gun down.

When you see a missile coming to your Island, focus on the missile and gun down it as fast as possible and move to the balloons. It’s important not to lose your focus while playing defense games because lack of focus can land you up in trouble.

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