Starcraft 2 Protoss Guide – Cannon Your Way to Success

There are certain strategies in Starcraft 2 that people avoid talking about, and they are called “Cheese Strategies”. And the reason why most players are so disgusted by these Cheese strategies is because they are tactics that allow players to win games with little to no skills.

Personally, I have no problems with these tactics. Sure they require little to no skills, but it gets the new players going and winning games. They are simple to learn and easy to use, so it is a great tool for any new Starcraft 2 players to use to competition on the

Every race has a cheese strategy, but some are easier to pull off others. And as a Protoss player the most common and simplest cheese strategy is the Cannon Rush. However, keep in mind that the Cannon Rush build is what I like to call an all-in strategy, because it is extremely risky.

The idea of the Cannon Rush strategy is to use tremendously early Photon Cannon to destroy or cripple your opponent. And because you’re going for very early Photon Cannons you will be sacrificing your economy along the way. So, if you fail to succeed with your Cannon rush you will be far behind your opponent in terms of resources. And that is why most cheese strategies are considered to be high risk builds.

Another thing to bear in mind if you choose to use the Cannon Rush as your strategy, or any cheese strategy in that matter is that these strategies well generally only work on other newer Starcraft 2 players. As you advance on the you will encounter better players who will be aware of these cheese strategies and are usually prepared for them.

Like I mentioned earlier the actual build order for the Cannon rush build is simple. First, you want to get nine probes and then build a forge. Now depending on the size of the map and this is very important. You should send out your probe that will be building your proxy Cannon into your opponent’s base around 8 or 9 supply.

If the map is big, you should consider sending your probe much earlier. And if the map is small then you should send out your probe after you put up a forge. Once you get your probe into your opponent base without being sighted by him or her, then you should build your proxy pylon in a blind spot. As a bonus it is a good idea to build your first proxy pylon in a corner of your opponent’s base. This way if your opponent happens to spot your proxy pylon and decided to attack it with his workers, he/she will have limited amount of an area to damage your pylon.

From here on, all you want to do is make more Photon Cannon towards your opponent’s mineral line, and that’s it. And if you’re Cannon rush don’t completely destroy your opponent or out right win you the game, then just simply change your build and build up a decent size Army to finished the game.

On the other hand, if you fail the rush completely then yo

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